We've developed a ventilator for COVID-19 emergencies

It's low cost and built using common industrial components that allow rapid scalability of the solution.

COVID-19 Device


No manufacturing limits.
  • Quick to assemble.
  • It’s Simple, it requires very few parts, which makes it reliable, efficient and affordable.
  • Open License
  • WIFI and 4G for data download

Today’s world needs people building solutions.

Today’s world needs a breath.

A Global Breath is an open manufacturing project. Whoever wants to and needs to can join to collaborate and download all our blueprints, manuals, circuits and manufacturing documents.

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Industrial Process Suppliers. Pneumatic and mechanical parts distributors, vendors or manufacturers. Electronic components or medical filter suppliers.

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Companies with the ability to assemble and distribute respiratory emergency devices.

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Governments, NGOs or private institutions that wish to buy respiratory emergency devices for donations or for their own, private or public use.


We need your help

Health professionals, legal experts, experts in technical equipment development, people who can help us build our network across the globe.

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Simple, reliable and affordable.

Technical Specs

  • Focused on COVID-19
  • Tidal volume: 250ml to 800ml
  • Adjustable flow between 15 lt / min and 70 lt / min
  • Maximum pressure: 60 cm of water column.
  • PEEP function: Positive End Expiratory Pressure adjustable between 0cmH2O and 25cmH2O.
  • Intubation only, not suitable for mask ventilation.
  • It has 2 modes: Mandatory control volume / Assisted control volume.
  • Controls the FiO2 mixture (inspired oxygen fraction) from 21% to 100%
  • Touch screen to monitor and control main parameters: frequency, pressure, volume, flow, units of measurement, control mode.
  • Configurable alarms per screen
  • Simple and effective control.
  • Alarm log to study evolution.
  • IoT connectivity with app.
  • Programmable audible alarms.
  • WIFI and 4G module
Dispositivo Un Respiro

Open License

All our blueprints, manuals, circuits and manufacturing documents are available for use.


Electric circuit, pneumatic circuit, individual drawings per part, CAD files, 3D models.


Complete listing of materials needed for manufacturing.


User manual. Legal regulations. Assembly recommendations. Performance videos.